Persons with disabilities

We aim to support children with intellectual disability as well as sensory impairments (visual/ auditory or both) learn personal safety and sexuality etiquette in school as well as home setting. We do this by helping parents and teachers become acquainted with our inhouse, innovative product – The Suvidha Kit

We aim to institutionalize sexuality education in graduate and postgraduate courses. Towards this end we developed a curriculum and course materials with support from Ford Foundation and began training teachers of the Spastics Society of Karnataka from 2021 onwards. This course, Demystifying Sexuality with focus on persons with disabilities is available to teachers of diploma, graduate and post graduate courses.

Why we developed the Suvidha Kit

Sexual abuse was reported by 53% of children interviewed in the Govt. of India 2007 study involving over 12,447 children (hailing from all strata of society, and from 13 different states). Children with intellectual disabilities are at slightly greater risk of sexual abuse than other children with disability in general, who in turn were found to be at 3.14 times greater risk of experiencing sexual abuse than children without disability.

All children, irrespective of the ‘normalcy’ of their neural or physical development have a right to safety and dignity. Personal safety education for prevention and early reporting of sexual abuse is their right. Information and discussion on sexuality helps adolescents navigate puberty with dignity. However Indian parents and teachers often lack the skills and materials to do this in a culturally acceptable and age-appropriate manner.

Enfold launched the Suvidha Project in Nov 2016 with the aim to help teachers, trainers, parents and caregivers break age-old taboos, become comfortable with the topic of sexuality and discuss responsible sexual behaviour with the adolescents, as well as help very young children learn personal safety in a comfortable, non-threatening manner.

The teaching-learning Suvidha Kit has:

Preparatory reading material for the caregiver of children with intellectual disability and sensory impairment to help them understand the development of sexuality in children, basic information on reproductive health, awareness of child sexual abuse and how to prepare the child to recognize and report perpetrators of sexual abuse, POCSO Act 2012 and their socio-legal responsibilities.

Supportive material like games/ puppets/ puzzles/ charts/ picture book and other appropriate material that can be used by the caregiver to support children with disability learn the required concepts.

Facilitation guide for caregivers complete with activities they can use to teach children (from young children to adolescents) the relevant topics.

All of the above components have been completed. The Manual has been reviewed by experts and relevant activities have been tested. The prototype kit has been in use in various centres.

Bangalore – Bubbles Center for Autism, Baldwin Opportunity School, Tamahar Trust
Jaipur – Disha Center for Disabilities, Umang
Noida – Step by Step School
New Delhi – Muskan Foundation
Kuwait – The International School

Final Suvidha Kit for children with intellectual disability was launched in 2020. We are currently working on adaptation of this kit for children with sensory impairment. Though the Suvidha kit is standalone and can be used by an individual after reading the Suvidha Manual, we are offering online and face-to-face training to groups of teachers and parents to further build their capacity. They will be able to use the kit effectively and also support other teachers and parents in using the Suvidha Kit.

To enroll for this training program, please contact

The Value:

The results of the pre-test and post- test on the activities show a positive change in knowledge of children and attitude and behaviour of parents and teachers.

From anecdotal accounts from teachers and parents it appears that Personal Safety and Sexuality Etiquettes can be taught in an inclusive school or home setting.

Parents can reinforce the learning at home for children with disabilities as well as for children without disabilities.

For sessions for parents/ teachers at your institution please contact

Testimonials –

“The Suvidha Kit is one of a kind aid and in my opinion not just for special needs children also for all the kids .it is high time that kids should be made aware to avoid abuse.”
– Parent 1

“I find the social story books are very well illustrated and explained. They tackle a wide range of topics relevant to our growing young adults with sensitivity. The books help us with behaviour modification strategies in easy steps by way of listing our acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. On the whole a great resource to have – thanks a lot!”
– Parent 2

“It will be helping my daughter for more understanding. As she is a girl, I had a very big fear of how to make her understand about menstruation and the body changes. But after seeing the materials, I got confident in myself to teach her. Thanks a lot for such help and giving confidence to parents.”
– Parent 3

“The material is very thoughtfully made according to the needs of special kids. It is in the form of pictures which makes it easy to understand. A very useful kit for parents to educate their kids about all the appropriate social etiquettes and behaviours . It is also very handy in teaching personal hygiene and safety.”
– Parent 4

“The materials cover areas where we find very few resources to work with. These are important areas that we need to address and this is done in a way that is visually appealing and helps the children understand in a way that isn’t overwhelming for them. I have started working on these with my daughter and she is very interested in going through the visuals as they give her the feeling of a story. All the same, it is depicted in such a way that the children are able to understand the concepts and use them in their day to day lives. I think what is significant is that it is all conveyed in a scientific yet lucid way for ease of understanding. Overall very useful!”
– Parent 5

“The materials contain appropriate visuals that children can relate to. They are written in a simplistic style using keywords that are important for their comprehension. They assist parents and caretakers to address these important issues using pictures that makes it more interesting for the child.”
– Parent 6

“The Suvidha Kit for testing is quite elaborate and easy to administer. It has detailed out sexuality education in a manner that teachers understand how to teach students and has made their planning easy. It is a comprehensive kit also detailing out activities along with the materials to be used. We look forward to incorporating it into our syllabus.”

– Chief coordinator of a school for children with disabilities, Bengaluru