Enfolds Internship


Program Details

Internship is a great way to learn about work ethics and application of learnings. What better way to do this than working with an NGO such as Enfold and supporting our cause. Through this internship one will receive awareness on:

  • Dynamics of CSA, signs and symptoms, laws and our responsibilities.
  • Safety Rules, for children, in their own neighbourhood/locality.
  • Accompany and observe field agents to a police station/CWC/Court/Children Homes etc to understand our support interventions.
  • Attend sessions/workshops conducted by Enfold.


Personalised experience certificate elaborating on skills and support rendered. You may get a chance to work with experienced facilitators, and domain experts. You will also gain from expanding your world view regarding gender related issues. The most important differentiator would be to that you will have a chance to get many gender related queries resolved.