Senior Manager – Projects and Content – Prevention Team

Position: Senior Manager – Projects and Content – Prevention Team
Reports to: Director, Prevention Programs
Location: Enfold office, Indiranagar- Bengaluru
Full / part time: Full-time
Last date for application: 31st May 2024
Date of joining: Immediately

Key Responsibilities

Project Management

Project Planning and Execution: collaborate with senior team members to develop comprehensive project plans, including timelines, milestones, resource allocation, and risk management. Ensure projects are executed according to the approved plans.

Project Team Coordination: Lead and motivate project teams, ensuring all members are aware of their responsibilities and are working collaboratively towards project goals.

Budget Management: Monitor project budgets, track expenditures, and ensure financial objectives are met. Report any variances and recommend corrective actions.

Stakeholder Communication: Serve as the main point of contact for project stakeholders. Provide regular updates, address concerns, and ensure stakeholders are informed about project progress.

Risk Management: Identify potential risks and develop mitigation strategies. Proactively address issues that may impact project timelines or outcomes.

Quality Assurance: Ensure project deliverables meet the required quality standards and are aligned with client expectations.

Documentation and Reporting: Maintain comprehensive project documentation, including progress reports, meeting minutes, and project plans. Provide regular status reports to senior management and funding agencies.

Continuous Improvement: Identify opportunities for process improvements and implement best practices to enhance project efficiency and effectiveness.

Content Management
Content Development: Develop and adapt existing content into high-quality, engaging content across various platforms to enhance Enfold’s online presence and engage our target audience – online and in person.

Analytics: Monitor and analyze content performance metrics (feedback received/ pretest/post tests and other evaluation metrics) to refine and improve content strategies.

Maintain Relevance: Incorporate learnings from community outreach, and update content to keep it relevant to the target audience. Have periodic field exposure. Provide capacity-building support to staff, volunteers, and community members as needed.

Content Customization – Attend meetings and events with organizations and stakeholders to gain insights into their requirements and design content that aligns with the organizational objectives.

Research: Work closely with facilitators and incorporate Enfold’s and other organization’s research findings and international recommendations to ensure content is accurate, relevant and up to date.

Editorial Standard: Maintain high editorial standards for accuracy, grammar, and style. Ensure all content is consistent with Enfold’s vision and mission and guidelines.

Skills and Personal Attributes

Essential :
Strong verbal and written communication skills to convey information clearly to stakeholders. Present information in a creative and engaging manner.

Flexibility to adapt to changing project requirements, unexpected challenges, and new information.

A keen eye for detail to ensure all aspects of the project are accounted for and executed properly.

Interpersonal skills:
Ability to work effectively with people across all work levels in the organisation and from diverse backgrounds.

Proven ability to work effectively with diverse populations and community stakeholders.

Strong problem solving and conflict resolution skills

Proficiency with Google Workspace (doc, sheet, powerpoint, forms,etc), Excel and basic analysis of data.

Master’s degree in a related field

Essential : 4 years of professional experience
Preferable : 5+ years professional experience

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