Rehabilitation Support

Rehabilitation and Reintegration Service including Training and Advocacy

The Enfold Rehabilitation Team has been supporting children who report sexual abuse since 2011. The assistance provided by our team extends from providing support to the child and their family during their journey through the criminal justice system to the rehabilitation of the child post that. A child who faces sexual abuse goes through mental anguish and trauma along with the family. While they are coping with the shock of the incident they are also expected to file a complaint with the police and recant all that happened to them multiple times. Once an FIR is lodged the process of investigation starts, followed by medical and legal procedures. This often leads to re-traumatization of the child. The family is clueless and feels lost in the system.

As support persons assigned to sexual abuse cases by the Child Welfare Committee, under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO Act, 2013), we ensure that we are with the family hand-holding them at every step and helping them navigate the system by providing psycho-socio-legal support. As support persons we also ensure they understand the process during police procedures, during medical examination, and during the legal process during the trial. We sit through evidence hearings in the Court with the child, ensuring child friendly procedures are followed. When the abusers are persons known to the child/family, the support required also addresses the social and emotional impact, in addition to the financial impact of reporting the crime. Our team identifies the individual needs of the child and family and tries to help them tide over it by providing them with the assistance they seek. We assist the family avail compensation schemes that the Government may have for rehabilitation.

Our Support team is constantly in touch with the families through phone calls during these COVID times ensuring their well-being and recognizing their livelihood needs. Several of the families that we support lost their jobs and fell into hardships in trying to sustain through this crisis. We have been trying to address their requirements such as paying rent, educational expenses, organizing rations for the families, providing smartphones to children so that they can also be part of online classes. During COVID there have been occasions of medical emergencies for the family and we have made sure that they could avail medical treatment and pay for the medicines as well. We have been actively seeking donations and funds from compassionate well wishers and civil society, to support the child and family during these trying times. Every small contribution makes a big difference in the lives of the children we support, ensuring stability and progress.

Note: Keeping confidentiality of the child in mind, all donations from outside sources would need to be transferred to the Enfold Trust donation account, who will in turn transfer the amount to the child/parent’s bank account. Receipts will be issued to the donors, but account details of individual children will not be shared with donors due to privacy issues under the law. We would give regular updates of the progress of the children who are supported.

While the incidence of child sexual abuse appears to be rising, India lags behind in training of professionals who are required to provide medico-legal and psychosocial support to the child and family. These stakeholders also have insufficient knowledge of their roles and responsibilities under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012.

To fill these lacunae, Enfold offers the following programs:

  • Training in Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Management of Child Abuse
  • Setting up One Stop Centres (OSC) / Collaborative Child Response Units -CCRU
  • Rehabilitation and Reintegration Service
  • Consultation and Advocacy for prevention and empathetic management of sexual violence