individualsDemystifying Sexuality: A course on Human Sexuality and Personal Safety

Course content:

  • Evolution of human sexuality and sexual development.
  • Physiology of male and female reproductive organs (including conception, pregnancy, contraception, abortion).
  • Certain aspects of male and female psychology.
  • Relationships and respect.
  • Sexuality in marriage, sexual myths and misconceptions.
  • Answering children’s questions and communicating with teenagers on gender and sexuality issues.
  • Understanding and preventing child sexual abuse.
  • Understanding gender bias.
  • Empowerment through self-awareness, building self-esteem.
  • Certain aspects of Child and Teen Psychology including discipline and motivation.

Duration: 24 hours
Weekend course: Conducted as a 6 Saturday course, 9am- 1pm
Week long course: Monday – Friday, 9:30 am-2:30 pm
Venue: Enfold Proactive Health Trust, 553 B, First floor,8th main road, 4th block, Koramangala, Bangalore 560 034 or As per request.
Eligibility: Adults
For details and registration, contact:

Training of Facilitators

This program is for dedicated adults from different walks of life who are deeply concerned about child safety and human empowerment, preparing them for facilitating classes on human sexuality and personal safety and life skills in schools. The 2 part program includes

  • School Personal Safety Educator Program
  • School Sexuality Educator Program (prerequisite to this program is the School Sexuality Educator Program)

A certificate is given by Enfold on successful completion of each part of the course.

Course framework for both programs:

  1. Contact sessions – 18 hours
  2. Observation – sessions conducted by facilitator + sharing of observations with facilitator.
  3. Mock sessions-Observed by facilitator – trainees in a group conduct 22 mock session in a training room.
  4. Mid Assessment( pen and paper).
  5. Classroom session for students in a school conducted by trainees in groups of 2 -with Enfold facilitator observing.
  6. Internship-Trainees independently conduct sessions and share report of journey and journal of sessions conducted. Mentor does random observations.
  7. Viva and Assessment- One on one interaction with Mentor based on reports and journal submitted followed by a written assessment.
  8. Certification.

Duration :

  • School Personal Safety Educator Program – 57 hours
  • School Sexuality Educator Program – 104 hours
    Contact Class sessions: Enfold Proactive Health Trust, 553 B, First floor,8th main road, 4th block, Koramangala, Bangalore 560 034
    Conducting classes at schools: Could be any school in Bangalore.
    For details and registration,

Personal Safety Volunteer Training Program

Volunteer to Create Safe Spaces for children in your family, neighbourhood and community!

To further our mission of empowering children and ensuring their safety, Enfold Trust is inviting volunteers to learn and teach personal safety to children. Volunteers will be trained to talk with children (3- 10 year old) on personal safety: how to recognise, resist and report sexual abuse. These personal safety rules apply to and can be taught to older children and adolescents as well.

Course content:

  • Session 1: Dynamics of child sexual abuse, body rules, shame/ blame and No Go Tell.
  • Session 2: Role plays, volunteers practice talking with children and answering children’s questions.

Relevant reading material, talking points and activities that can be done with children will be provided in a handout to each volunteer.
Duration: 5 hrs (two sessions of 2.5 hrs each)
Venue: Enfold Office.
For details and registration, contact:

Prior registration at least a week in advance is mandatory as this will help us plan.

Enrol to make a difference!