Work with us

School Coordinator

  • Work Experience: Self-starter with experience in sales & marketing – 1 year minimum
  • Minimum Education : Graduate
  • Position summary and skill required as below:

    · Expand Enfold’s preventive work in educational institutions, mainly schools.

    · Coordinate with agencies that support Enfold’s preventive work with children from all socioeconomic background

    Skills and experience required include

    · Strong verbal and written communication skills.

    · Proficient in Microsoft office and report writing

    · Strong interpersonal, and customer service skills required.

    · Ability to plan, organise, multi-task, problem solve and meet deadlines required.

    · Knowledge of Kannada will be an advantage

    · Own 2 wheeler, a plus

  • Head: Corporate Relations & Finance

  • Work Experience: 4-6 years
  • Minimum Education : Graduate
  • Position summary and skill required as below:

    a) Maintain and expand engagement with corporates, and other large entities – international organisations, social enterprises, NGOs and individuals

    b) Work with the management team, and contributes to the development and implementation of organisational strategies, policies and practices. This position will also interact with the Trustees.

    c) Oversee Finances of Enfold, interact with the vendors, clients and personnel working with Enfold to manage financial transactions with these groups.

    d) Oversee Budget and cash flow, draft the financial plan for the year, control internal financial systems

  • Skills and experience required include:

    · Experience in managing and leading teams, supervise, guide and make decisions

    · Be self-driven with little need for supervision

    · Have a broad vision and be far-sighted with regard to targets and goals

    · Ability to maintain confidentiality.

    · A friendly, courteous and professional approach towards customers, children, and staff.

    · Ability to work effectively with multiple teams

    · Experience in project management and client relations management, managing tight deadlines.

    · Maintain and enhance the administrative and managerial systems necessary to operate complex projects.

    · Strong communication, organisation and negotiation skills.

    · Excellent English language skills, both written and oral

    · Competence with Microsoft office environment.

    · Have an understanding of written commercial and legal language

  • Location: Enfold Proactive Health Trust, Koramangala, Bengaluru
  • How to apply : Those interested in joining Enfold in this capacity, may send an email to detailing their interest, experience and expertise. Please include a note on why you would like to work in the not-for-profit sector, and specifically in the area of Enfold’s work.
  • Reimbursement: As per experience and skills
  • We are an equal opportunities employer and we welcome applications regardless of sex, gender, race, age, belief in any religion and none, gender identity, ethnic origin, class, sexuality, nationality, appearance, disability, being HIV positive or living with AIDS and any other matter which causes a person to be treated with injustice

    Intern with Us


    Program Details

    Internship is a great way to learn about work ethics and provides a space for you to apply your learning. What better way to do this than working with an NGO such as Enfold and supporting our cause. Through this internship, one will receive awareness on:

    • Dynamics of child sexual abuse (CSA), signs and symptoms, laws and our responsibilities.
    • Understand the safety rules for children, parents and for people in the neighbourhood/ locality towards the children.
    • Accompany and observe field agents to a police station/Child Welfare Committee/Court/Children Homes etc to understand our support interventions.
    • Attend sessions/workshops conducted by Enfold.

    What makes this program unique?

    During this program, you get a chance to work with experienced facilitators and domain experts. You will also gain from expanding your worldview regarding gender related issues. As an intern at Enfold, you will be exposed to conversations around gender, idea of safe spaces, prostitution, gender based violence, and child’s human rights, which will help in widening your perspective regarding the issues happening around you. Once you step out, you will be in a better position to resolve the many gender related queries, add on to your skills sets and get an insight into how an NGO actually functions.

    Become a Certified Facilitator


    Program Details

    Interested in working with children? Join our Facilitator Training Program where you will be trained to conduct sessions on Personal Safety and Sexuality for children & young adults and strategies on prevention for parents. After completion of training, you can join Enfold’s team as as a facilitator. The experiential program includes:

    • Study materials
    • Mock Sessions
    • Internship
    • Assessment
    • Certification

    What makes this program unique?

    The training will empower and sensitize individuals to handle issues related to child sexual abuse in an age appropriate manner through structured sessions and continuous consistent conversations. It also helps build the capacity of the participants to empower students to Recognise, Resist and Report perpetrators of sexual crimes.

    Volunteer With Us


    Program Details

    Little drops make the mighty ocean. To reach out to a maximum number of beneficiaries, we are constantly on the lookout for hands to support us. If you are an enthusiastic and committed individual, do extend your valuable support. Don’t worry, we will train you and handhold you if this is the first time you are exploring your potential. We require your help in the following areas:

    • Help us get access to schools/colleges to conduct Enfold’s Comprehensive Personal Safety and Sexuality Program
    • Support our initiatives in Hospitals
    • Organize Enfold sessions and events in your community/organization on creating awareness about prevention and reporting of child sexual abuse.
    • Organize fundraising events

    What makes this program unique?

    Volunteering with Enfold will help you get hands on experience in creating safe spaces for children. It will also give you a chance to find answers to many gender, sexuality, and child sexual abuse related queries. The on-field experience helps one to gain perspective and develop social awareness.

    Get involved from Outside by Donating by Helping us Secure Funds by Spreading the Word


    Laksha Makkala Surakshe Project

    Enfold’s Laksha Makkala Surakshe Project aims to reach 100,000 underprivileged, vulnerable children, their parents and teachers; and help them learn personal safety i,e how to recognize, resist and report perpetrators of sexual abuse. Every 200 rupee you contribute helps one more child be safe.Your donation will be used to meet the training, travel cost and honorarium of facilitators who will conduct classes on life skills, responsible sexuality and personal safety in schools catering to students from low socioeconomic strata of our society. You will receive our activity report, indicating where the sessions were conducted and the number of students/ teachers or parents reached.

    • All donations to Enfold in Indian money enjoy exemption under section 80G of IT Act.
    • Donations accepted only in Indian rupees through Indian banks.