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Intern with Us


Program Details

Internship is a great way to learn about work ethics and application of learnings. What better way to do this than working with an NGO such as Enfold and supporting our cause. Through this internship one will receive awareness on:

  • Dynamics of CSA, signs and symptoms, laws and our responsibilities.
  • Safety Rules, for children, in their own neighbourhood/locality.
  • Accompany and observe field agents to a police station/CWC/Court/Children Homes etc to understand our support interventions.
  • Attend sessions/workshops conducted by Enfold.


Personalised experience certificate elaborating on skills and support rendered. You may get a chance to work with experienced facilitators, and domain experts. You will also gain from expanding your world view regarding gender related issues. The most important differentiator would be to that you will have a chance to get many gender related queries resolved.

Become a Certified Facilitator


Program Details

Interested in working with children? Join our Facilitator Training Program where you will be trained to conduct sessions on Personal Safety and Sexuality to children & young adults and strategies on prevention to parents. After completion of training, you can join as a facilitator of the Enfold team. The experiential program includes:

  • Study materials
  • Mock Sessions
  • Internship
  • Assessment
  • Certification


The training will empower and sensitize individuals to handle issues related to child sexual abuse in an age appropriate manner through structured sessions and Continuous Consistent Conversations.Build the capacity of the participants to empower students to Recognise, Resist and Report Perpetrators of sexual crimes.

Volunteer with us


Program Details

Every drop in the ocean is what makes the ocean. To reach out a maximum number of beneficiaries, we are constantly on the lookout for hands to support us. If you are an enthusiastic and committed individual, do extend your valuable support. Don’t worry, we will train you and handhold you if this is the first time you exploring your potential. We require your help in the following areas:

  • Help us get access to schools/colleges to conduct Enfold’s Comprehensive Personal Safety and Sexuality Program
  • Support our initiatives in Hospitals
  • Organize Enfold sessions and events in your community/organization on creating awareness about prevention and reporting of child sexual abuse.
  • Organize fundraising events


Volunteering with Enfold helps us create safe spaces for our children. It will also give you a chance to resolve many gender and CSA related queries. The on-field experience helps one to grow the perspective and develop social awareness.