Our Vision

Healthy and safe children living with dignity supported by empowered adults

Our Mission

Building safe & inclusive communities

  • through life skills based sexuality and personal safety education for children and adults
  • by providing medico-legal & psycho social support to children affected by sexual violence
  • by adopting a multidisciplinary team approach to strengthen systems that address gender based violence and sexual violence.

Guiding Principles

  • Supporting inclusion, celebrating diversity, practicing non- discrimination

  • Child safety is an adult and community responsibility
  • No resources will be accepted from people who are known child sexual abusers
  • No resources will be accepted from institutions/ organizations whose values are contrary to Enfold?s core values
  • Quality. Delivering value with the given time and resources.
  • Zero tolerance to all forms of violence
  • See all opportunities as a way to give, share and add value
  • Integrity and transparency
  • Encouraging responsibility and ownership.
  • Encouraging personal power in adverse situations/ conflicts
  • Encourage child agency and participation
  • Supporting, collaborating to fulfil our mission and vision