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Media Reporting on Child Sexual Abuse

By Bhumika Sahani Upholding the principles of its role as the fourth pillar of democracy, the media has a responsibility to bring the issue of child sexual abuse into the realm of public debate. It is integral that the issue gets highlighted, is given due attention and recognized by masses as a gruesome offence against […]

Going Beyond the Doing

Article contributed by Ranjani Seetharaman I believe that the presence of unconditional love in childhood is what shapes an individual’s future. It is key to the development of a healthy sense of self which includes self-confidence, self-respect and self-worth. I can go as far as to say that it is the right of every child […]

POCSO Act, its Implications and Challenges

-Kushi Kushallapa The 2007 National Study on Child Abuse by the Ministry of Women and Child Development reported that over 53% Indian children are victims of some form of sexual abuse or the other, ranging from penetrative sexual assault to various forms of non-contact sexual abuse. This Study set the ball rolling to have a […]